Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

Digital Copy of FULL ALBUM "Plunge Into Sunshine"


Digital Copy of FULL ALBUM "Plunge Into Sunshine"


Instant access to one digital copy of "Plunge Into Sunshine," the full 13-track debut album. This is in MP3 format. Various lossless formats available on and .wav format available via email with Kevin at 


Envisioned and recorded at Dirty Socks Studios, Memphis, Tennessee. 

Beats. IMAKEMADBEATS Hotep Slowsteps Ponce Beyond | DiggaHertz | six.oh.xis

Vocals. Barbara Jenice | TayLee (Get Up With Us) 

InstrumentsSuavo "Silky Smooth" Jones (trombone) | Jay Slim (turntables) 

Visuals. Siphne A. Sylve (album cover) Darius B. Williams (photography) | Isaiah Conyers (video)

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