Kevin De Liban


01 Plunge Into Sunshine (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

I try to fast forward life to get to the best parts
They say the soul's immortal, my doubt is where the death starts
Lungs gasp and eyes water, in iced airs, the fire's hotter
My own smoke made ashes of the choked hopes of my father
We scattered him in the ocean, I bury the tougher truth
That the good die young and I'm already past my youth
Arisen from that grave, an arthritic spirit thaws
Each risk a deeper stretch, now limber, I leap their laws
When I run, you can't catch me, when I hide, you won't see 
When I fly, you will find wings where arms used to be
I'm the mutation in the species, evolving the human form
Incubated in the blind eye of an apocalyptic storm
Trees topple in destruction, bushes burn by their side
Oil floods oceans, bodies rise with the tide
Houses underwater, teeth sharpen into fangs,
Devouring to our death just to stop the hunger pains, 
This madness is so normal I adapted an insanity
I run with the gazelles to escape the lion's vanity
Hunted by my pride, I betray the sacred bond
And walk with the weak to pray the hatred gone
We're an animal kingdom, I declare my independence,
And unite with other states of being, so what I'm seeing
Is a procession of prophets, no penance for irreverence, 
Just disfigured limbs, singing hymns to the heavens
I can't join them yet, my scabs aren't turned to scars 
Anybody who grows feathers has to earn their tar
But I'm still golden, may the years make me dirty
Intrigued by being great, but inspired by being worthy.

02 Get Up With Us (prod. Diggahertz)

Tip toe tip toe, what cr-cr-crept up?
Get mo' get mo', keep you kept up
Let go let go, drink the neck up
Disco disco, slide your step up
Stop, drop, and roll when the times are tough
If you're down for more, get up with us, 
Stop, drop, and roll when the times are tough,
If you're down for more, then get up with us. 

Welcome to the vortex, your cortex gets whore sexed
By quartets of gorgeous distractions dressed in corsets
Corvettes or cordless, devices, vice amorphous
Corporate training for the taming of endorphins
Of course tends, to coarsen, compassion for the fortunes
Of poor men, so stormin' Bastille, less important
Ignore them, divorce trends of wealth rise to the Forbes' friends
From portents of poverty cavorting on your doorstep
future's been mortgaged, so worship Suzie Orman
Hell sell an organ, second kidney's an adornment
Instead deporting JP Morgan, border fights now forming
Outlaw abortion, but don't think about the orphans
Coal chemicals are pouring, atmosphere's absorbing
chlorofluorocarbons, deny global warming
Spook drones are swarming, NSA storing
Data that's foraged, with pretexts of thwarting
Terrorists on foreign, soil, FISA courts lend
Cover to distortions, blow the whistle, you're trai-TOR then
Elections? Rich do-NORS spend, millions and more meant
To fatten DC warchests, and scuttle the reforms sent
Folks in lower orbits, get Dunn like Davis Jordan
Morbid how our mores bend, no justice, but no boredom
On mission like the Mormons, to light the fuse or shorten
Damn I need some bourbon, Kentucky and New Orleans

The stress thick, I'm desperate, to distract, and get lit
Tempted, but then quick, my head's hit, with message
Fuck that, buck back, squeeze on lady luck´s ass
And funk dance to drum tracks…Do you hear the drummer?
My folks doing great shit, either sinking slave ships
Or making bass kick, taking toughest cases
Getting foreign aid moved,  diversify the state school,
Start businesses now stable, social work the angles
If it ain´t you, then thank you, homey, drive a tank through
The walls now between us, you should join our ranks, too
Lead us with your life, teach us with your strife
Then fall back and learn, now…Do you hear the drummer?
This is what we climb for, not seeking any high scores
Hinged a little different, souls with suicide doors
Driven to exhaustion, throwing wind to caution
Inspired by the awesome...Hell, yes, we hear the drummer!

Do-gooding rabble, get up with us
Drum fetish beat freaks, get up with us
Tie guys and suit gals, get up with us
Liquid-sight artists, get up with us
Mis queridas compañeras, se levantan with us
Hungry howling mic fiends, get up with us
Faithful daily grinders, get up with us
People large and small, get up with us
My manager Mo, he's down with us

03 To The Left (prod. IMAKEMADBEATS)

Kevin and IMAKEMADBEATS will occupy the frequency
up in your brain, then make believe and take it the left
Ladies and the gentlemen and pacifists and pendletons
and cannibals and veggie friends, now shake it to the left
When you're loving under covers and you're thinking of another
and that person is your mother, fake it to the left
On a drive your tire's flat, no spare parts you're biking back
then you notice Michael Jackson's naked to the left

Shot straight past work, then I busted a left
You're probably saying why, like I bumped into Clef
A few g's short, but job's got nothing on death
So I say fuck that life, and leave cum on its breath
Now I'm reborn, flying free as the wind 
Fall away from fear as leaf does to limb
Wearing wild smile from  cheek to my chin
But eyes not quite right, like a creep in the gym
10 a.m. strip club, I'm steepin' in sin 
Girls with fairy tales, ass keeping it Grimm
But rump is still skin, so when I reach for the win
Google-glass bouncer, deleting my grin
Out on the street, fool, I'm tipsy as hell
Who might this be that hits me on cell? 
Ah, it's the boss, seems pissy oh well
I tell him nick the luts of Bolivian whales
Hell it's all through now, committed to path
To undo the frown, fate's wickedest laugh
Head spinning, thinking, now, who is around? 
One good friend, I know where to be found.

Pulled up to Dirty Socks, crew knows it as the lab
The science making beats to make other posses mad,
Most call him Nemo, but real name is James
Can Kevin Spacey  normal, but Chris Walken strange
Knocking on the door, greeted by the beard
Unshaved for seven months, it gives a razor fear
Even sharpest blade, is duller than his wits,
But homie's looking ragged, his eyes deep pits
Been working on a beat, but can't hit the drums,
Thinks he's lost his touch, his grip is all thumbs
The MPC is busted, keyboard broke in half
The twin 6Bes, floatin in the bath
Mayhem and destruction, chaos everywhere
All of it reflected, in Nemo's scary stare
I told him to chill out, and then I broke the news
My man just laughed, dropped the bass from our blues
He said he had a thought, I told him spill the beans
He said the master plan, requires ill machines
Next stop Harley, we're shopping for the hog
Ride our horses off into the thick spring fog

2 biker cats, leathers fresh, and wind whippin
3 exits later, pull over, we're tripping
Ask Neemz, quizzing, if he's ever ridden
Says no, me neither, man, who the fuck we kiddin
Plus cycles missing system, for hitting funky rhythms
Trade em, with Romeo, Monte Carlo '76 in
Royal blue color, king shit, rock blaring
Speeding through tx, flexing, cops staring
Lights flash, pulled over,  wide brimmed ranger
We get papers ready for the light skinned stranger
He runs plates, great, back with ticket pad,
Asks Nemo kindly, for a single autograph
Thinks my main ace is the king of bachata,
Cop's married tio owns club in Guatemala
Police escort, now, to the port of call,
Of a fly yacht, bought, stored for the fall
Flips keys slick, says take her for a spin
Set sail with a motor and a great big grin
Caribbean hues, cue coming  thunder storm
Caught in the waves, asunder boat's torn
Neemz grabs a tortoise, I grab a porpoise
They carry us to safety, sand shores, near forest
Exploring paradise, thinking God is a florist
Find throngs of fly women, humming this chorus

04 Platano Papaya (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

Platano, Papaya, Piña, Naranja

I do this for the fruit sellers pushing carts in
Streets smartened by hearts that have hardened
See light-skinned criollos and suited gringo sponsors
Structured the adjustment so the upper crust prospers
A resource rich country turned hungry meager pauper
IMF policy, a cleaner means to conquer
They tried to buy the rain, and then pipe out the gas
Till the people stood up, to politely oust their ass
Now Evo is in power, fat cats are feeling sour
School for the poor, half days, about four hours
Plus the indigenous, now sit on park benches
Speaking native tongues, Aymara or Quechua
The lithium's developing, a nation less exploited
Manage to wrest hope from the forced that destroyed it
Still not all is well, he demagogues, suppresses press
Viva la patria, Bolivia, god bless

Esto, yo lo hago, por mis chicas, los huerfanos
Mis queridas, selo digo, 'stoy aqui, y las amo
The bravest girls I know, y'all engraved your love in soul
Cuz when I feel half-hearted, your smiles make me whole
Still as you grow older, los chicos grow bolder
I worry that your past lurks right behind your shoulder
And the patterns of abuse that shattered part of youth
Will emerge as a scourge in a batterer you choose
Please, if you choose wrong, just leave the bastard quick
Each of you's a queen, keep these words as amulets,
Beautiful and kind, this sisterhood of strength
Those with the least are most generous with grace
And so you quilted me to your patchwork family
Stitched in as a tio, you sewed a man of me
Across this great distance, les mando mi carino
Jamas las olvido, cuenten conmigo

I do this for 6 year-old kids up in la plaza
Earning plata, one step up from a rata
Offer shoe shines for about 2 dimes
Half price if they're starving, guess hell's got great bargains
Peace to Juan Carlos, and the packs of cleferos
Kids abused, sniffin' glue, treated like stray perros
No son fieros, sino hechos de hierro
Que Dios los bendiga, yo los quiero
Chinga tu miedo, tus ojos estan ciegos
Asi uso palabras pa' sacarte el dedo
No hay sosiego donde haya tal dolor
La quietud de los suertudos tiene mal olor
Hace falta una brisa de justicia y amor
Te ahogan las cenizas de perjuicio y rencor
Si la fogata del diablo se encende con una chispa
Que te pique la consciencia, soy la avispa

05 FFFF (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

Like Skywalker, cave, but no saber
Place so dark, Vader's nice neighbor
Trust Yoda Hotep, master mic trainer
Levitate weight of tallest skyscraper
Meditate fate, grounds starts rumble
Clouds go funnel, hounds howl trouble
Bees quit bumble, vision tunneled
Disturbance in the Force, feel peace crumble 
Leaping into action with factions of phantoms
Menacing imaginations of attacking
Clones whose poems are grown in the labs of
Sith lords, discord, they plan the random  
No coincidence,  in midst, of chaos
See Darth Witch, switching, her blade off
Baiting, waiting, 100 feet facing, 
Opposite direction, thinks I'm a plaything
Known for malice, pain is palace
Sips foes blood out of  bone chalice
One deep breath, one slow step
Then I start running, numb to know death 
Her saber snaps in a graceful dance
She's too skilled, I'm facing facts
My last moments, eyes open
Arm smoking, will broken

Oh young fool how he charges on,
I can smell  fear like cardamon
He'll be lucky if an arm is on
After my lightsaber sparks it song
And hums to him, so comfortin'
Come here, boy, I'll tuck ya in
Padawan tricks aren't nuff to win
You're blunderin', with that double spin
Swift side strikes, but weak with feet
Pale shade of force can't keep the beat
How much longer should I make this go?
Bad mood today, so I'll take it slow 
10 more seconds, and he's on his knees
Little stubs left, and he's begging please
Damn young shits , they're all the same
Cowards in heart, Jedi in name
At least the old breed, the Yodas, Kenobis
Died ever faithful, thinkin' they'd know peace
Thoughts feeds anger, I off his head
No Sith afterlife, we scoff the dead
Kill our own masters or they kill us
That's either real trust, or fear of dust,
Or maybe both, feel twitch in my throat
Oh Master...please………...

(Sith Lord)
Sinister, insidious, oblivious to empathy
Weaponry invisible, make imbeciles of enemies
Eliminate apprentices, my temptress is a destiny
Of singular predominance, but Master Death cheats breath from me

06 Nice Guys Don't Kill Kindly (prod. Ponce Beyond)

33 bar assassin, but this is only recon
AK-40-Kevin, not  Kalashnikov, De Liban
If I be on, then be gone, flame throwin' phenom
Egos burnt crisp Brown, want to come back like Rihann?
Uhhh...You're notebook size, me I get my ream on
Stacked paper full of prophecy, fuck how you get your cream on
This is how I get my dream on, grander than the tetons,
Faith moves mountains, I'm depressing all the de-mons
Picture  Satan the psychiatrist, cheering up his minions
Smoking blunts laced with souls of slaveholding Virginians
I colonize minds, govern thought like the Kremlin
Vladimir imagined Stalin, so John is my Lenin
Geopolitics in rhymes, yeah, with tense relations
Leave foes earthquakin' as if they were some Haitians
After total devastation, then I'm hitting them with sanctions
Like Iran, Cuba, North Korea were a single nation
 I came to breach the peace and make a Cajun feast with beats
A raging beast, unleashed, foam cascades from teeth, capiche?
Sink fangs from cheek to feet, meat tastes as sweet as peach
Drain what bleeds like leech, say grace when my feed's complete
Then after hiccups, I lick lips up like who's next
If I miss your jugular, remember the bruised neck
Forever your flesh goosed, eyes dart, sixth sense spooked 
Strike severs your head loose, then I savor the red juice, 
The flavor's like dead moose, hunted in early winter
Almost as good as a deer's unburst placenta
Or the afterbirth, no masters lurk, a savage thirst
with rabid words, I ravage herds, of slug-witted amateurs 
Life in the wild, not civilized but ordered, 
Get in where you fit in, or get fitted for the slaughter 
I'm the exception, holding the food chain, 
Anger's got me in knots, so all of you fool's hang

Where's injustice? Who's the bastard? Bring the ruckus that I've mastered
You get flustered, even faster, than George Custer, on his last words
Now outnumbered, and outlasted, outmaneuvered, then outcasted
Like Three Thousand and Fat Sacks then had to bust your bones in fractures
You probably didn't get it, but then I'm not surprised
Like any common wolf he wears a sheep disguise
See I keep apprised, of the weakness in my eyes
You introduce half-truths, I only greet the lies
Costumed as a captain, you drop anchor in the sky
You’ve been fucked by October, so you labor in July
You Halloween's queen, I quoth the raven as it flies
Life's poe nevermo', you trailblaze your demise
I keep my spirit rich, being happy, staying humble
Working hard, long hours, and still embracing struggle
I strive to be a maven like the homie Marlon Rucker
Plus do-gooder, good dude, and live motherfucker

07 Ready For Love (prod. Ponce Beyond)

Ready for love, I think I'm ready for love
Ready for love, he says he's ready for love
Ready for love, she knows she's ready for love
Ready for love, but love's not ready for us...

We sat across a table, but it could've been an ocean
A storm in her eyes, my gut breached by emotion
I reached for her hand, but she held hers back
Until drowning in the mystery, her will went slack
Just a brief touch, a half squeeze, dancing palms,
A beach, a breeze, and samba steps, Bahia in our Bond
Startled by that calm, she made herself composed
Not a poem, not a song, just chicken-scratching prose
That I couldn't follow well, I discerned a couple words
Black, humbled, friendship--voice thick with sharpened curves
The cuts tasted of truth, but her tears added salt
Flavors begging for a wine long locked in her vault
Still she didn't offer, I swallowed without complaint
Shrunken like a beggar in the presence of a saint
Honored but not empowered, loved but not embraced
Grateful for what is given, but a burden for what I take
Made meek by the moment I withdrew into myself
A little frightened turtle seeking respite in his shell
She sang me back out, I came and plodded on
We walked along horizons forever fleeing dawn
Fugitives for a while, path lit by fireflies
Magic massaged the tightness out of our tired lives
I had a train to catch, so we were riven at the end
She slipped a question in my heart, hugged me as a friend
I shot her a simple why, and she withdrew into her shell
Now I sing like she did to me, please come out dearest Cheryl
It seemed we climbed a mountain, but it was really just a step
I think she's looking for a husband, I'm looking for some sex
So before we reach the peak, I pause to catch my breath,
And unleash a shrill wind that blinded her deaf
I told her I couldn't do it, couldn't dance to that music
Because the beat of my heart has no drum running through it
Just some angry strings plucked callously by yesterdays
Whose fingers grew crooked into lying  lovers'  separate ways
So it wouldn't be fair, to run my own through her hair
That's a gesture made by a Cheshire, but I'm a cat who cares
So sincere with my stare, her glance turns to a glare
Her pride now ablaze,  her tongue sparks like a flare
She lashed me properly, her voice whipping the counts
Of the pounds of wrongs suffered, she measures by ounce
I bear it without grinning, shit, I know I'm a louse
But I'd like some company, I'm alone in my house
Not ready for something deep, the old wounds haven't healed
She'd rather a false impression, but I'm selectively real
I tell her she's a good person and deserves something more
My truth warmly greeted by a slam of the door
I descend the few steps, confused less than before
At least that sweet girl is kept safe from  this whore
With pollen I sneeze, nature says "bless you"
What if guilt makes you dumb and she just wanted some sex too?
I guess I´ll never know, too hurt to be humble
Every slave to pride is king of a lonely jungle

Unearthed a lost legend, whose name was Marina
Su sonrisa harbored hope of eternity divina
I perused her soul as if I was in Lima

A down to earth girl, but one who drove a Beamer
Su calidad de vida fue un poco por encima
Wasn't plata but ambition the difference between us
I'm digging deep for justice, the South is my mina
She climbed up from nothing, big lawyer, but a teacher
Her class is DC, the most dignified of divas
Galas, benefits, black dress is more her clima,
May she weather that heat, we need her as a leader
While I swelter in the Delta, a cotton field for dreamers

08 Drunken Rainbows (prod. Diggahertz)

Rainbows drinking from darkened clouds (x 4)

Clouds part, sun shines, so I just plunge blind
Splash skies with soul spots, paint grace as one mind
Forgive all the wrongs done, accept that I've caused some
One note in the lyrics of the greatest song sung
Walk in a wild place, a space where my smile's safe
From thieves who scheme  with dreams of a defiled race
Slick, you sling winter, stricken, I think spring
Bring bloom to the moon, wed with Saturn's rings
Hear the pitter-pattering  of new futures fluttering, 
Lifted on the wings of the true muse's wonderings,
Who knew that thunder brings, rescue from the slumbering
Alarm clock for life, a baby, I wake up muttering
In this foreign language, no words for former anguish
Just the here and now, old ghosts are surely vanquished
The vanity's forgotten, the goodness, I remember
My address  is for what's blessed, the rest return to sender

Up early, dawn cracks, yawns snap, her out of bed
Morning run, kids breakfast, oatmeal, they're out of bread
She skips, usual, end of month, they're out of bread
Saturday, no school, second job, so mouths are fed
Before work, she drops off, Me-Maw's passed, still Pa-Pa
Sugar's high, his socks off, beef stewin' in the crockpot,
Drives on, half-hour, nicer mall, than what's near
Macy's men's department, pays better than Sears
Nice figure, gorgeous face, guys love to buy the suits
They flirt, ask for numbers, she gracefully rebukes
Co-worker calls in, boss asks, her to cover
Extra money would be nice, but uh............................
Promised to watch Nemo,  now finding herself caught
It makes her mad to choose, she beats her heart with thoughts
Bludgeoned into freedom, an epiphany strikes
There's no wrong answer, when love guides her life

Cancer, doctor said, it's cancer, doctor said
Death, wife, baby girl--shrapnel strikes to his head
Dropped in strafing runs, huge tumor, failing lungs
Trained 31 years, but couldn't tame his tongue
Prognosis good, chemo's 8 hour-days
Receding hairline now bald razor shaved
Calm stays engraved around his marble-cold eyes
Took a chisel to his fears and sculpted a disguise
Be strong, be strong, c'mon kid, be strong
Mantra turned prayer, agnostic's 23 psalm
Enjoys Curry hot like Steph shot 20 3's long
But stomach leaps out his mouth with 23s on
7-up stirred flat with his mother's wooden spoon
She looks on her son with the warmth of a womb
Dad digs for tunes, wife rubs his shoulders,
Baby utters words, his tears avalanching boulders

09 Tortoise And The Hair (prod. Diggahertz)

We had our first fight, before the first kiss
On the second date,  truth bursts bliss
And truth burns lips, it's why we don't tell it
Your too few years, I could just smell it
Oh how delicious, aromas of young love
Devouring my sense, reason comes undone
Like laces untied, I could be tripping
But never really do, I've stepped in that shoe
And she fit better, kind still a freak,
Sex in small vans, 8 passengers deep,
Sex on hot boulders, near cool waterfalls
Hikers passed by, heard mating calls
She and I didn't care, I loved her family
And mine loved her, but she was immature
It didn't work, she and I parted ways,
And you're not near as great, so have a nice day (BITCH)
If the me then could talk to me now
With a simple "ni hao," he'd be able to see how
His wild spirit, ran thoroughbred thoughts
Through packs of ponies, paced at lead trots,
Two were his loves, their homes on the range
Him starved for more, lost in their great plain,
He startled great pain, cursed his own path
Swift stride broken, he stumbled  stone dragged
Humbled, alone, mad, fallen to nay-saying
Unbridled fear, fallen to earth praying
Saddled with shadows of pasts almost true
The blush of tomorrow turned cadaverous hues
Spurred on by what? No rider with trained boots
Enough rough ground shook his reins loose
Now gallops in his glory, not hitched to things known
Except sweet chariots, one day they'll swing low
Mom is turning 80, three grandbabies,
They call her Oma, inherited the name, she
Got it from her mother, who passed a year ago,
99 years old, still perfect strudel dough
Eddie proud grandpa, wearing crazy hats,
50 fly guitars, only 3 unpacked,
My lovely wife and I, bring balloons and flowers
Mom tells us no, likes affection's showers
Aunt Therisa's on her way, picking up the cake
Had it special ordered,  it's in a penis shape
Sprinkles for the pubes, we just laugh and shake
Our heads and thank God, she doesn't like to bake
My wife's sisters come, our nieces, nephews,
Plus bachelor brother, living life like Hef do
Family together, I treasure such a vision
Cuz mom turned 63 today, I hate I had to miss it

10 Earth Hurts Sometimes (prod. Ponce Beyond)

Head to outer space, to leave this inner place
Feels so cold, seems my soul is where the winter stays
So I journey out of orbits, of the normal kind
Want to go someplace else cuz, Earth hurts, sometimes

Want days off? Then stay off, this ninth dimension plane
Where the interstellar chaos known as brain nurtures big bangs
Words made flesh, beat is bone where  what I think hangs
Nailed through the knuckles, no blood just some ink stains
I survive crucified just to see that Judas dies
Utilize, new disguise, view the Christ with Buddha's eyes
Who alive, knew the tithe, to be paid, by Judah's tribe?
Cue the scribe, who devised, psalms to soothe the brutalized
In exile, exhale, excel, set sail
Meet whale, detail, belly of the beast hell
With copious, opiates, immobilize that Moby Dick
Get his stomach open it's, a pit for poet laureates
The audience is odious, turn monkish like Thelonius
Praying with melodious, emotion, till it's motion sick
Evoking inappropriate, reaction, mouth, he opens it
Escaping it, like Jonah did, board the boat where Noah is
So I put the Ark in Saw, dropped the eight from Tennessee
With two eyes saved, (it's) too easy, to think two-state reality
If you saw what I see, you'd see-saw  insanity
Teeter totter in between, what is known and what's believed
What you want, what you need, what you flaunt, what you grieve
Love you've lost, love you'd leave, and the cost of love you keep
Up in the wolf hours, haunted by the hunt of time
The snarling hound hones, sniffing hints of homes I left behind
My birthplace, my family, my first girl--What can I keep?
Maybe nothing's mine, if I belong to the galaxy

Oceans smuggled in irises to lands of prohibition
I'm a pupil of horizons, discipling my vision,
Dilating my decision-making, relating is my mission-patient
Waiting for the fish I'm baiting, dissipating divisions facing
Us, thus, trust, me, come, please, my hum vee,
Runs these, lovely,  roads, rough and dusty,
old bungelows crumbling, under tons of sun, nothing
But hungry crows, few other things, plundering, it's humbling
Once these fields were tilled and hoed, now they're simply overgrown
King cotton since is overthrown, sharecroppin rarely known
Farmers fall to harm from, loans and awful autumns
So they sell to congloms, who rob 'em at rock bottom
The field hands? Been hacked off, John Deer brand, of ax dropped
Machines harvest  jobs that used to harvest cash crops
And those were damned shitty, the lucky worked the city
The factory made tires, till it burnt rubber swiftly
Young people flee in droves, leaving children and the old
Married to the place, how many pray that it's annulled?
Church Sabbath morning, any sect that you  could want
Wednesday night Bible study, unholy ghosts'll haunt
Such empty streets, every third house for sale sign
Drug money tempts police, so who judges jail time?
One liquor store, he'll cash your checks, SSI, take SNAP for debts
On his chest he packs a vest, camo, where his gat is kept
Quiet's not, a riot stopped, a hundred dead, by whitey boss
Cuz blacks dared, to ask where, the year's share, of price was lost
It's long past, what some say, just contrast, don't complain
But school's are segregated, like suppers and the Sundays,
Your blind side's, my mind's eye, a spectacle, the kind I,
Hope to muster courage to confront when the time's right
And that's now, so ask how, I escape, this glass house,
I walk out, led by, great goodness, in this mad South

11 Dark Knights (prod. Ponce Beyond)

Meet empty-eyed threats deep in Gotham's gaze
But dancing in shadow lie the real Bruce Waynes
It's the heroes unsung by the sun's light rays
We all need a dark knight to have bright days
The door creaked behind, flocks of birds flew overhead
The shrouded sky teared as though the sun had risen dead
Mother called  these funeral days but the music playing in his thoughts
was the wedding march, best man, shirt nicely starched
Collar stiff lips, rarely cracked a smile
Not suited well to humor, marine blues more his style
Reserved by nature, always watching, softly speaks
His silence amplified by 60 Afghan weeks
Boredom, rare rushes, bloody combat, lots of waiting
Dust storms, foreign culture, and frequent masturbating
Two deployments, psych appointments, docs annointed him alright
Stop lossed him back to action, half squad stop-lost their lives
Now he's back at home, well, a house with a mattress
Footsteps,  shadows, happiness seems hapless
At  least he has the wedding, he memorized his toast
By staring at the mirror, pretending he's blind to ghosts
Turned out a great night, but his sight returned the next
Wondered  why they bled, felt the dead were blessed
No good answers, strange feeling swelled inside
Conscience thought the war wrong, heart rebelled in pride
Feared dissent would dishonor comrades now in peace
But service didn't mean sacrificed beliefs
When Veteran's Day came, he attended a parade
Of soldiers against the war, sign said "End the charade."
Out of the sand grows, an unplanned rose
One thorn on the stem, petals stand closed
Waiting through the chill, of dawn's blue spill
To bloom just enough to freeze a bee's move still
This morn appears long, several years on,
From the date when fate had this father steered wrong
Daughter knocked dead, by a fiending rock-head
A paranoid schizophrenic, several months off meds
Dad lashed in anger, picked fights with strangers,
Volunteered to die but vengeance was his labor,
The pain never left but the police made arrest
At trial, killer's life, shown as tragic mess
Delusions and abuse, bad hospitals to boot,
Meds more expensive, than crack the sad truth
Father couldn't forgive, but accept it he did
Left plush job marketing to honor his kid
Back to school in his fifties, great class mystery
Kind smile, quick wit, won peers' hearts swiftly
Entered new field, an endeavor so real
Therapist for the homeless who are mentally ill
Skyscraper, late night, lights on, who's there
12th floor,  graveyard, glamour youth, pall bear
Duster, vacuum, cubicles, bathrooms
Chemicals, bad fumes, gloved hands, love stands
So strong, bleeds hope, each stroke, eloped
With plans, for the, lil' man, in bed
At home, six years, bright eyes, likes books
Life took, odd turns,  hot burns, still scarred
Built hard, grew tough, knew 'nuff, to leave
She grieved, at first, but learned, that jerks
Don't go, without, long bouts, so now
She fights, 'gainst fate, no hate, wisdom
Hard won, lost much, not faith, goals straight
Focus back, at work, nighttime, daydream
Over now, looks down, so far, below,
Cars glow, like stars, her sky--hero

12 A Prayer From Sulphured Lips (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

Lightning in a bottle? Nah,  I catch it in my brain
Thunder crashes through my voice, the microphone's in flames
I'm a torrent from the Torah, you're as torpid as a tortoise
I contort your  torso till your pectoral's torn in torment
I say taurus, you see bull, you spot forest, I say fool
Run yourself away like  Pamplona tourists, cool?
Or else I gore ya, drive my horns through aortas
Until the coroner is exploring ya like Dora
Moses saw one burning Bush,  I take George and Laura,
Give 'em gonorrhea, then ship 'em to Gomorrah
That's two bushes burning in two hellish ways,
I'm slightly more demonic with my divinity displays
What nitwit is witless enough to want to witness
This wizard of awe whose words fly wicked as a witch is?
My flow's forbidden fruit, true, it seems delicious
But take a bite, taste my light, infectious venom laced by life
Poisoned knowledge, pain's delight, stars are secrets gained in nights
So dark the heart displays its fright by tempting men to brave the spite
Of He who made a paradise, defy, and die a wasting wight.
See I'm somewhat bitter, cuz I once believed in Eden
Now I know the hunger's false, so I just eat out Eve in evenings
My tongue grew forked, not spoon-shaped, or knife-sharp
Cuz it's meant to stab and pierce, not hold, or cut apart
Grizzled, so I bear my fate, winters I don't hibernate,
I just cling tight to cobwebbed souls like a spider's eight
Nesting there, I hatch my doubt, twist yours into pretzeled faith
kneed thy wounds, then add salt,  watch innocence like freckles fade
I open eyes to hopeful lies, teach plain truth without disguise
Show the void in blushing skies, and hear boasts of hushed- up pride
This is how I serve the Lord, oh yes, I know my master
I kneel then deign to pray, that human's fall much faster
Cuz in your essence , most aren't Job, that's the bet I've placed
To prove to Holy Father he made mistake on the 6th day.

13 Burnt By Shadow (prod. six-oh-xis

When my spirit starts to starve, I taste the sky
Do I really love living or just hate to die
Scraped by why, bloody, scarred from how
Barred from crowds, alone, a mute lark-like mouth
Am I incapable of speech or all others merely deaf
Make no promises so all of them are clearly kept
I dearly wept the day when my great illusion fell
Nearly slept past the hour of fate's elusive spell
Enchant me, entrance me, render me a tool
The invisible tethered string stings slender and cruel
It nudges and pulls mirrors always bludgeon the fool
So I stare at my visage as the coal does a jewel
From a pulpit or pew, few are the culprits of truth
Only two hues apparent to this dull wit of youth
Moral mind color blind, enveloped in fog
Man who didn't befriend his spirit then developed the dog
A penitent god, sin is the sinew of society
So atrophied guilt weakens muscles of propriety
I tussle with sobriety and am puzzled by my piety
Cuz I drink of the divine and then pray it doesn't lie to me
So quietly the quotient of intelligence sinks,
Inhale the aroma that irrelevance drinks
Impale the persona of the melanin mink
In braille paint a poem of cherubim wings
Seraphim sing, shattering scepters of kings
robes sewed in fleshy seams to dress restless dreams
Enthroned through wretched schemes, seeking heaven's gleam
The true master's been revealed slow, through leprous means
Blessed being, luminous, knows no words of language
I thought pain ruinous, but praise the scourge of anguish
Through urges and arrangements, I nurture the hellacious
Turns it to the ageless to be worshipped with the gracious
Hid in patience, the ancients, cannot be called
They speak in circles where wasteful hands softly crawl
The day's deep drawl, wrests me from ennui's claws
My bound wrists were found slit dripping time dissolved
My mind evolves links to the higher powers
I wander graveyards for entire hours
To contemplate death and admire flowers,
Not far away, a funeral pyre towers,
Drawn, I see it stacked with stiffened ideas
Set aflame by the spark from the friction of fears
Can this vision be clear? Red unearthly dirt
Burnt clouds, ashen rain, each breath not worth the hurt
When my spirit starts to starve, I taste that sky
So I lay my body on the pyre and hateless, wait to die. 

Pray for peace 
Pray with peace
Love with peace
Love for peace
Live for peace
Live with peace
Act for peace
Act with peace