Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

03 To The Left (prod. IMAKEMADBEATS)

Kevin and IMAKEMADBEATS will occupy the frequency
up in your brain, then make believe and take it the left
Ladies and the gentlemen and pacifists and pendletons
and cannibals and veggie friends, now shake it to the left
When you're loving under covers and you're thinking of another
and that person is your mother, fake it to the left
On a drive your tire's flat, no spare parts you're biking back
then you notice Michael Jackson's naked to the left

Shot straight past work, then I busted a left
You're probably saying why, like I bumped into Clef
A few g's short, but job's got nothing on death
So I say fuck that life, and leave cum on its breath
Now I'm reborn, flying free as the wind 
Fall away from fear as leaf does to limb
Wearing wild smile from  cheek to my chin
But eyes not quite right, like a creep in the gym
10 a.m. strip club, I'm steepin' in sin 
Girls with fairy tales, ass keeping it Grimm
But rump is still skin, so when I reach for the win
Google-glass bouncer, deleting my grin
Out on the street, fool, I'm tipsy as hell
Who might this be that hits me on cell? 
Ah, it's the boss, seems pissy oh well
I tell him nick the luts of Bolivian whales
Hell it's all through now, committed to path
To undo the frown, fate's wickedest laugh
Head spinning, thinking, now, who is around? 
One good friend, I know where to be found.

Pulled up to Dirty Socks, crew knows it as the lab
The science making beats to make other posses mad,
Most call him Nemo, but real name is James
Can Kevin Spacey  normal, but Chris Walken strange
Knocking on the door, greeted by the beard
Unshaved for seven months, it gives a razor fear
Even sharpest blade, is duller than his wits,
But homie's looking ragged, his eyes deep pits
Been working on a beat, but can't hit the drums,
Thinks he's lost his touch, his grip is all thumbs
The MPC is busted, keyboard broke in half
The twin 6Bes, floatin in the bath
Mayhem and destruction, chaos everywhere
All of it reflected, in Nemo's scary stare
I told him to chill out, and then I broke the news
My man just laughed, dropped the bass from our blues
He said he had a thought, I told him spill the beans
He said the master plan, requires ill machines
Next stop Harley, we're shopping for the hog
Ride our horses off into the thick spring fog

2 biker cats, leathers fresh, and wind whippin
3 exits later, pull over, we're tripping
Ask Neemz, quizzing, if he's ever ridden
Says no, me neither, man, who the fuck we kiddin
Plus cycles missing system, for hitting funky rhythms
Trade em, with Romeo, Monte Carlo '76 in
Royal blue color, king shit, rock blaring
Speeding through tx, flexing, cops staring
Lights flash, pulled over,  wide brimmed ranger
We get papers ready for the light skinned stranger
He runs plates, great, back with ticket pad,
Asks Nemo kindly, for a single autograph
Thinks my main ace is the king of bachata,
Cop's married tio owns club in Guatemala
Police escort, now, to the port of call,
Of a fly yacht, bought, stored for the fall
Flips keys slick, says take her for a spin
Set sail with a motor and a great big grin
Caribbean hues, cue coming  thunder storm
Caught in the waves, asunder boat's torn
Neemz grabs a tortoise, I grab a porpoise
They carry us to safety, sand shores, near forest
Exploring paradise, thinking God is a florist
Find throngs of fly women, humming this chorus