Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

04 Platano Papaya (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

Platano, Papaya, Piña, Naranja

I do this for the fruit sellers pushing carts in
Streets smartened by hearts that have hardened
See light-skinned criollos and suited gringo sponsors
Structured the adjustment so the upper crust prospers
A resource rich country turned hungry meager pauper
IMF policy, a cleaner means to conquer
They tried to buy the rain, and then pipe out the gas
Till the people stood up, to politely oust their ass
Now Evo is in power, fat cats are feeling sour
School for the poor, half days, about four hours
Plus the indigenous, now sit on park benches
Speaking native tongues, Aymara or Quechua
The lithium's developing, a nation less exploited
Manage to wrest hope from the forced that destroyed it
Still not all is well, he demagogues, suppresses press
Viva la patria, Bolivia, god bless

Esto, yo lo hago, por mis chicas, los huerfanos
Mis queridas, selo digo, 'stoy aqui, y las amo
The bravest girls I know, y'all engraved your love in soul
Cuz when I feel half-hearted, your smiles make me whole
Still as you grow older, los chicos grow bolder
I worry that your past lurks right behind your shoulder
And the patterns of abuse that shattered part of youth
Will emerge as a scourge in a batterer you choose
Please, if you choose wrong, just leave the bastard quick
Each of you's a queen, keep these words as amulets,
Beautiful and kind, this sisterhood of strength
Those with the least are most generous with grace
And so you quilted me to your patchwork family
Stitched in as a tio, you sewed a man of me
Across this great distance, les mando mi carino
Jamas las olvido, cuenten conmigo

I do this for 6 year-old kids up in la plaza
Earning plata, one step up from a rata
Offer shoe shines for about 2 dimes
Half price if they're starving, guess hell's got great bargains
Peace to Juan Carlos, and the packs of cleferos
Kids abused, sniffin' glue, treated like stray perros
No son fieros, sino hechos de hierro
Que Dios los bendiga, yo los quiero
Chinga tu miedo, tus ojos estan ciegos
Asi uso palabras pa' sacarte el dedo
No hay sosiego donde haya tal dolor
La quietud de los suertudos tiene mal olor
Hace falta una brisa de justicia y amor
Te ahogan las cenizas de perjuicio y rencor
Si la fogata del diablo se encende con una chispa
Que te pique la consciencia, soy la avispa