Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

05 FFFF (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

Like Skywalker, cave, but no saber
Place so dark, Vader's nice neighbor
Trust Yoda Hotep, master mic trainer
Levitate weight of tallest skyscraper
Meditate fate, grounds starts rumble
Clouds go funnel, hounds howl trouble
Bees quit bumble, vision tunneled
Disturbance in the Force, feel peace crumble 
Leaping into action with factions of phantoms
Menacing imaginations of attacking
Clones whose poems are grown in the labs of
Sith lords, discord, they plan the random  
No coincidence,  in midst, of chaos
See Darth Witch, switching, her blade off
Baiting, waiting, 100 feet facing, 
Opposite direction, thinks I'm a plaything
Known for malice, pain is palace
Sips foes blood out of  bone chalice
One deep breath, one slow step
Then I start running, numb to know death 
Her saber snaps in a graceful dance
She's too skilled, I'm facing facts
My last moments, eyes open
Arm smoking, will broken

Oh young fool how he charges on,
I can smell  fear like cardamon
He'll be lucky if an arm is on
After my lightsaber sparks it song
And hums to him, so comfortin'
Come here, boy, I'll tuck ya in
Padawan tricks aren't nuff to win
You're blunderin', with that double spin
Swift side strikes, but weak with feet
Pale shade of force can't keep the beat
How much longer should I make this go?
Bad mood today, so I'll take it slow 
10 more seconds, and he's on his knees
Little stubs left, and he's begging please
Damn young shits , they're all the same
Cowards in heart, Jedi in name
At least the old breed, the Yodas, Kenobis
Died ever faithful, thinkin' they'd know peace
Thoughts feeds anger, I off his head
No Sith afterlife, we scoff the dead
Kill our own masters or they kill us
That's either real trust, or fear of dust,
Or maybe both, feel twitch in my throat
Oh Master...please………...

(Sith Lord)
Sinister, insidious, oblivious to empathy
Weaponry invisible, make imbeciles of enemies
Eliminate apprentices, my temptress is a destiny
Of singular predominance, but Master Death cheats breath from me