Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

06 Nice Guys Don't Kill Kindly (prod. Ponce Beyond)

33 bar assassin, but this is only recon
AK-40-Kevin, not  Kalashnikov, De Liban
If I be on, then be gone, flame throwin' phenom
Egos burnt crisp Brown, want to come back like Rihann?
Uhhh...You're notebook size, me I get my ream on
Stacked paper full of prophecy, fuck how you get your cream on
This is how I get my dream on, grander than the tetons,
Faith moves mountains, I'm depressing all the de-mons
Picture  Satan the psychiatrist, cheering up his minions
Smoking blunts laced with souls of slaveholding Virginians
I colonize minds, govern thought like the Kremlin
Vladimir imagined Stalin, so John is my Lenin
Geopolitics in rhymes, yeah, with tense relations
Leave foes earthquakin' as if they were some Haitians
After total devastation, then I'm hitting them with sanctions
Like Iran, Cuba, North Korea were a single nation
 I came to breach the peace and make a Cajun feast with beats
A raging beast, unleashed, foam cascades from teeth, capiche?
Sink fangs from cheek to feet, meat tastes as sweet as peach
Drain what bleeds like leech, say grace when my feed's complete
Then after hiccups, I lick lips up like who's next
If I miss your jugular, remember the bruised neck
Forever your flesh goosed, eyes dart, sixth sense spooked 
Strike severs your head loose, then I savor the red juice, 
The flavor's like dead moose, hunted in early winter
Almost as good as a deer's unburst placenta
Or the afterbirth, no masters lurk, a savage thirst
with rabid words, I ravage herds, of slug-witted amateurs 
Life in the wild, not civilized but ordered, 
Get in where you fit in, or get fitted for the slaughter 
I'm the exception, holding the food chain, 
Anger's got me in knots, so all of you fool's hang

Where's injustice? Who's the bastard? Bring the ruckus that I've mastered
You get flustered, even faster, than George Custer, on his last words
Now outnumbered, and outlasted, outmaneuvered, then outcasted
Like Three Thousand and Fat Sacks then had to bust your bones in fractures
You probably didn't get it, but then I'm not surprised
Like any common wolf he wears a sheep disguise
See I keep apprised, of the weakness in my eyes
You introduce half-truths, I only greet the lies
Costumed as a captain, you drop anchor in the sky
You’ve been fucked by October, so you labor in July
You Halloween's queen, I quoth the raven as it flies
Life's poe nevermo', you trailblaze your demise
I keep my spirit rich, being happy, staying humble
Working hard, long hours, and still embracing struggle
I strive to be a maven like the homie Marlon Rucker
Plus do-gooder, good dude, and live motherfucker