Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

07 Ready For Love (prod. Ponce Beyond)

Ready for love, I think I'm ready for love
Ready for love, he says he's ready for love
Ready for love, she knows she's ready for love
Ready for love, but love's not ready for us...

We sat across a table, but it could've been an ocean
A storm in her eyes, my gut breached by emotion
I reached for her hand, but she held hers back
Until drowning in the mystery, her will went slack
Just a brief touch, a half squeeze, dancing palms,
A beach, a breeze, and samba steps, Bahia in our Bond
Startled by that calm, she made herself composed
Not a poem, not a song, just chicken-scratching prose
That I couldn't follow well, I discerned a couple words
Black, humbled, friendship--voice thick with sharpened curves
The cuts tasted of truth, but her tears added salt
Flavors begging for a wine long locked in her vault
Still she didn't offer, I swallowed without complaint
Shrunken like a beggar in the presence of a saint
Honored but not empowered, loved but not embraced
Grateful for what is given, but a burden for what I take
Made meek by the moment I withdrew into myself
A little frightened turtle seeking respite in his shell
She sang me back out, I came and plodded on
We walked along horizons forever fleeing dawn
Fugitives for a while, path lit by fireflies
Magic massaged the tightness out of our tired lives
I had a train to catch, so we were riven at the end
She slipped a question in my heart, hugged me as a friend
I shot her a simple why, and she withdrew into her shell
Now I sing like she did to me, please come out dearest Cheryl
It seemed we climbed a mountain, but it was really just a step
I think she's looking for a husband, I'm looking for some sex
So before we reach the peak, I pause to catch my breath,
And unleash a shrill wind that blinded her deaf
I told her I couldn't do it, couldn't dance to that music
Because the beat of my heart has no drum running through it
Just some angry strings plucked callously by yesterdays
Whose fingers grew crooked into lying  lovers'  separate ways
So it wouldn't be fair, to run my own through her hair
That's a gesture made by a Cheshire, but I'm a cat who cares
So sincere with my stare, her glance turns to a glare
Her pride now ablaze,  her tongue sparks like a flare
She lashed me properly, her voice whipping the counts
Of the pounds of wrongs suffered, she measures by ounce
I bear it without grinning, shit, I know I'm a louse
But I'd like some company, I'm alone in my house
Not ready for something deep, the old wounds haven't healed
She'd rather a false impression, but I'm selectively real
I tell her she's a good person and deserves something more
My truth warmly greeted by a slam of the door
I descend the few steps, confused less than before
At least that sweet girl is kept safe from  this whore
With pollen I sneeze, nature says "bless you"
What if guilt makes you dumb and she just wanted some sex too?
I guess I´ll never know, too hurt to be humble
Every slave to pride is king of a lonely jungle

Unearthed a lost legend, whose name was Marina
Su sonrisa harbored hope of eternity divina
I perused her soul as if I was in Lima

A down to earth girl, but one who drove a Beamer
Su calidad de vida fue un poco por encima
Wasn't plata but ambition the difference between us
I'm digging deep for justice, the South is my mina
She climbed up from nothing, big lawyer, but a teacher
Her class is DC, the most dignified of divas
Galas, benefits, black dress is more her clima,
May she weather that heat, we need her as a leader
While I swelter in the Delta, a cotton field for dreamers