Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

08 Drunken Rainbows (prod. Diggahertz)

Rainbows drinking from darkened clouds (x 4)

Clouds part, sun shines, so I just plunge blind
Splash skies with soul spots, paint grace as one mind
Forgive all the wrongs done, accept that I've caused some
One note in the lyrics of the greatest song sung
Walk in a wild place, a space where my smile's safe
From thieves who scheme  with dreams of a defiled race
Slick, you sling winter, stricken, I think spring
Bring bloom to the moon, wed with Saturn's rings
Hear the pitter-pattering  of new futures fluttering, 
Lifted on the wings of the true muse's wonderings,
Who knew that thunder brings, rescue from the slumbering
Alarm clock for life, a baby, I wake up muttering
In this foreign language, no words for former anguish
Just the here and now, old ghosts are surely vanquished
The vanity's forgotten, the goodness, I remember
My address  is for what's blessed, the rest return to sender

Up early, dawn cracks, yawns snap, her out of bed
Morning run, kids breakfast, oatmeal, they're out of bread
She skips, usual, end of month, they're out of bread
Saturday, no school, second job, so mouths are fed
Before work, she drops off, Me-Maw's passed, still Pa-Pa
Sugar's high, his socks off, beef stewin' in the crockpot,
Drives on, half-hour, nicer mall, than what's near
Macy's men's department, pays better than Sears
Nice figure, gorgeous face, guys love to buy the suits
They flirt, ask for numbers, she gracefully rebukes
Co-worker calls in, boss asks, her to cover
Extra money would be nice, but uh............................
Promised to watch Nemo,  now finding herself caught
It makes her mad to choose, she beats her heart with thoughts
Bludgeoned into freedom, an epiphany strikes
There's no wrong answer, when love guides her life

Cancer, doctor said, it's cancer, doctor said
Death, wife, baby girl--shrapnel strikes to his head
Dropped in strafing runs, huge tumor, failing lungs
Trained 31 years, but couldn't tame his tongue
Prognosis good, chemo's 8 hour-days
Receding hairline now bald razor shaved
Calm stays engraved around his marble-cold eyes
Took a chisel to his fears and sculpted a disguise
Be strong, be strong, c'mon kid, be strong
Mantra turned prayer, agnostic's 23 psalm
Enjoys Curry hot like Steph shot 20 3's long
But stomach leaps out his mouth with 23s on
7-up stirred flat with his mother's wooden spoon
She looks on her son with the warmth of a womb
Dad digs for tunes, wife rubs his shoulders,
Baby utters words, his tears avalanching boulders