Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

09 Tortoise And The Hair (prod. Diggahertz)

We had our first fight, before the first kiss
On the second date,  truth bursts bliss
And truth burns lips, it's why we don't tell it
Your too few years, I could just smell it
Oh how delicious, aromas of young love
Devouring my sense, reason comes undone
Like laces untied, I could be tripping
But never really do, I've stepped in that shoe
And she fit better, kind still a freak,
Sex in small vans, 8 passengers deep,
Sex on hot boulders, near cool waterfalls
Hikers passed by, heard mating calls
She and I didn't care, I loved her family
And mine loved her, but she was immature
It didn't work, she and I parted ways,
And you're not near as great, so have a nice day (BITCH)
If the me then could talk to me now
With a simple "ni hao," he'd be able to see how
His wild spirit, ran thoroughbred thoughts
Through packs of ponies, paced at lead trots,
Two were his loves, their homes on the range
Him starved for more, lost in their great plain,
He startled great pain, cursed his own path
Swift stride broken, he stumbled  stone dragged
Humbled, alone, mad, fallen to nay-saying
Unbridled fear, fallen to earth praying
Saddled with shadows of pasts almost true
The blush of tomorrow turned cadaverous hues
Spurred on by what? No rider with trained boots
Enough rough ground shook his reins loose
Now gallops in his glory, not hitched to things known
Except sweet chariots, one day they'll swing low
Mom is turning 80, three grandbabies,
They call her Oma, inherited the name, she
Got it from her mother, who passed a year ago,
99 years old, still perfect strudel dough
Eddie proud grandpa, wearing crazy hats,
50 fly guitars, only 3 unpacked,
My lovely wife and I, bring balloons and flowers
Mom tells us no, likes affection's showers
Aunt Therisa's on her way, picking up the cake
Had it special ordered,  it's in a penis shape
Sprinkles for the pubes, we just laugh and shake
Our heads and thank God, she doesn't like to bake
My wife's sisters come, our nieces, nephews,
Plus bachelor brother, living life like Hef do
Family together, I treasure such a vision
Cuz mom turned 63 today, I hate I had to miss it