Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

10 Earth Hurts Sometimes (prod. Ponce Beyond)

Head to outer space, to leave this inner place
Feels so cold, seems my soul is where the winter stays
So I journey out of orbits, of the normal kind
Want to go someplace else cuz, Earth hurts, sometimes

Want days off? Then stay off, this ninth dimension plane
Where the interstellar chaos known as brain nurtures big bangs
Words made flesh, beat is bone where  what I think hangs
Nailed through the knuckles, no blood just some ink stains
I survive crucified just to see that Judas dies
Utilize, new disguise, view the Christ with Buddha's eyes
Who alive, knew the tithe, to be paid, by Judah's tribe?
Cue the scribe, who devised, psalms to soothe the brutalized
In exile, exhale, excel, set sail
Meet whale, detail, belly of the beast hell
With copious, opiates, immobilize that Moby Dick
Get his stomach open it's, a pit for poet laureates
The audience is odious, turn monkish like Thelonius
Praying with melodious, emotion, till it's motion sick
Evoking inappropriate, reaction, mouth, he opens it
Escaping it, like Jonah did, board the boat where Noah is
So I put the Ark in Saw, dropped the eight from Tennessee
With two eyes saved, (it's) too easy, to think two-state reality
If you saw what I see, you'd see-saw  insanity
Teeter totter in between, what is known and what's believed
What you want, what you need, what you flaunt, what you grieve
Love you've lost, love you'd leave, and the cost of love you keep
Up in the wolf hours, haunted by the hunt of time
The snarling hound hones, sniffing hints of homes I left behind
My birthplace, my family, my first girl--What can I keep?
Maybe nothing's mine, if I belong to the galaxy

Oceans smuggled in irises to lands of prohibition
I'm a pupil of horizons, discipling my vision,
Dilating my decision-making, relating is my mission-patient
Waiting for the fish I'm baiting, dissipating divisions facing
Us, thus, trust, me, come, please, my hum vee,
Runs these, lovely,  roads, rough and dusty,
old bungelows crumbling, under tons of sun, nothing
But hungry crows, few other things, plundering, it's humbling
Once these fields were tilled and hoed, now they're simply overgrown
King cotton since is overthrown, sharecroppin rarely known
Farmers fall to harm from, loans and awful autumns
So they sell to congloms, who rob 'em at rock bottom
The field hands? Been hacked off, John Deer brand, of ax dropped
Machines harvest  jobs that used to harvest cash crops
And those were damned shitty, the lucky worked the city
The factory made tires, till it burnt rubber swiftly
Young people flee in droves, leaving children and the old
Married to the place, how many pray that it's annulled?
Church Sabbath morning, any sect that you  could want
Wednesday night Bible study, unholy ghosts'll haunt
Such empty streets, every third house for sale sign
Drug money tempts police, so who judges jail time?
One liquor store, he'll cash your checks, SSI, take SNAP for debts
On his chest he packs a vest, camo, where his gat is kept
Quiet's not, a riot stopped, a hundred dead, by whitey boss
Cuz blacks dared, to ask where, the year's share, of price was lost
It's long past, what some say, just contrast, don't complain
But school's are segregated, like suppers and the Sundays,
Your blind side's, my mind's eye, a spectacle, the kind I,
Hope to muster courage to confront when the time's right
And that's now, so ask how, I escape, this glass house,
I walk out, led by, great goodness, in this mad South