Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

11 Dark Knights (prod. Ponce Beyond)

Meet empty-eyed threats deep in Gotham's gaze
But dancing in shadow lie the real Bruce Waynes
It's the heroes unsung by the sun's light rays
We all need a dark knight to have bright days
The door creaked behind, flocks of birds flew overhead
The shrouded sky teared as though the sun had risen dead
Mother called  these funeral days but the music playing in his thoughts
was the wedding march, best man, shirt nicely starched
Collar stiff lips, rarely cracked a smile
Not suited well to humor, marine blues more his style
Reserved by nature, always watching, softly speaks
His silence amplified by 60 Afghan weeks
Boredom, rare rushes, bloody combat, lots of waiting
Dust storms, foreign culture, and frequent masturbating
Two deployments, psych appointments, docs annointed him alright
Stop lossed him back to action, half squad stop-lost their lives
Now he's back at home, well, a house with a mattress
Footsteps,  shadows, happiness seems hapless
At  least he has the wedding, he memorized his toast
By staring at the mirror, pretending he's blind to ghosts
Turned out a great night, but his sight returned the next
Wondered  why they bled, felt the dead were blessed
No good answers, strange feeling swelled inside
Conscience thought the war wrong, heart rebelled in pride
Feared dissent would dishonor comrades now in peace
But service didn't mean sacrificed beliefs
When Veteran's Day came, he attended a parade
Of soldiers against the war, sign said "End the charade."
Out of the sand grows, an unplanned rose
One thorn on the stem, petals stand closed
Waiting through the chill, of dawn's blue spill
To bloom just enough to freeze a bee's move still
This morn appears long, several years on,
From the date when fate had this father steered wrong
Daughter knocked dead, by a fiending rock-head
A paranoid schizophrenic, several months off meds
Dad lashed in anger, picked fights with strangers,
Volunteered to die but vengeance was his labor,
The pain never left but the police made arrest
At trial, killer's life, shown as tragic mess
Delusions and abuse, bad hospitals to boot,
Meds more expensive, than crack the sad truth
Father couldn't forgive, but accept it he did
Left plush job marketing to honor his kid
Back to school in his fifties, great class mystery
Kind smile, quick wit, won peers' hearts swiftly
Entered new field, an endeavor so real
Therapist for the homeless who are mentally ill
Skyscraper, late night, lights on, who's there
12th floor,  graveyard, glamour youth, pall bear
Duster, vacuum, cubicles, bathrooms
Chemicals, bad fumes, gloved hands, love stands
So strong, bleeds hope, each stroke, eloped
With plans, for the, lil' man, in bed
At home, six years, bright eyes, likes books
Life took, odd turns,  hot burns, still scarred
Built hard, grew tough, knew 'nuff, to leave
She grieved, at first, but learned, that jerks
Don't go, without, long bouts, so now
She fights, 'gainst fate, no hate, wisdom
Hard won, lost much, not faith, goals straight
Focus back, at work, nighttime, daydream
Over now, looks down, so far, below,
Cars glow, like stars, her sky--hero