Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

12 A Prayer From Sulphured Lips (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

Lightning in a bottle? Nah,  I catch it in my brain
Thunder crashes through my voice, the microphone's in flames
I'm a torrent from the Torah, you're as torpid as a tortoise
I contort your  torso till your pectoral's torn in torment
I say taurus, you see bull, you spot forest, I say fool
Run yourself away like  Pamplona tourists, cool?
Or else I gore ya, drive my horns through aortas
Until the coroner is exploring ya like Dora
Moses saw one burning Bush,  I take George and Laura,
Give 'em gonorrhea, then ship 'em to Gomorrah
That's two bushes burning in two hellish ways,
I'm slightly more demonic with my divinity displays
What nitwit is witless enough to want to witness
This wizard of awe whose words fly wicked as a witch is?
My flow's forbidden fruit, true, it seems delicious
But take a bite, taste my light, infectious venom laced by life
Poisoned knowledge, pain's delight, stars are secrets gained in nights
So dark the heart displays its fright by tempting men to brave the spite
Of He who made a paradise, defy, and die a wasting wight.
See I'm somewhat bitter, cuz I once believed in Eden
Now I know the hunger's false, so I just eat out Eve in evenings
My tongue grew forked, not spoon-shaped, or knife-sharp
Cuz it's meant to stab and pierce, not hold, or cut apart
Grizzled, so I bear my fate, winters I don't hibernate,
I just cling tight to cobwebbed souls like a spider's eight
Nesting there, I hatch my doubt, twist yours into pretzeled faith
kneed thy wounds, then add salt,  watch innocence like freckles fade
I open eyes to hopeful lies, teach plain truth without disguise
Show the void in blushing skies, and hear boasts of hushed- up pride
This is how I serve the Lord, oh yes, I know my master
I kneel then deign to pray, that human's fall much faster
Cuz in your essence , most aren't Job, that's the bet I've placed
To prove to Holy Father he made mistake on the 6th day.