Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

13 Burnt By Shadow (prod. six-oh-xis

When my spirit starts to starve, I taste the sky
Do I really love living or just hate to die
Scraped by why, bloody, scarred from how
Barred from crowds, alone, a mute lark-like mouth
Am I incapable of speech or all others merely deaf
Make no promises so all of them are clearly kept
I dearly wept the day when my great illusion fell
Nearly slept past the hour of fate's elusive spell
Enchant me, entrance me, render me a tool
The invisible tethered string stings slender and cruel
It nudges and pulls mirrors always bludgeon the fool
So I stare at my visage as the coal does a jewel
From a pulpit or pew, few are the culprits of truth
Only two hues apparent to this dull wit of youth
Moral mind color blind, enveloped in fog
Man who didn't befriend his spirit then developed the dog
A penitent god, sin is the sinew of society
So atrophied guilt weakens muscles of propriety
I tussle with sobriety and am puzzled by my piety
Cuz I drink of the divine and then pray it doesn't lie to me
So quietly the quotient of intelligence sinks,
Inhale the aroma that irrelevance drinks
Impale the persona of the melanin mink
In braille paint a poem of cherubim wings
Seraphim sing, shattering scepters of kings
robes sewed in fleshy seams to dress restless dreams
Enthroned through wretched schemes, seeking heaven's gleam
The true master's been revealed slow, through leprous means
Blessed being, luminous, knows no words of language
I thought pain ruinous, but praise the scourge of anguish
Through urges and arrangements, I nurture the hellacious
Turns it to the ageless to be worshipped with the gracious
Hid in patience, the ancients, cannot be called
They speak in circles where wasteful hands softly crawl
The day's deep drawl, wrests me from ennui's claws
My bound wrists were found slit dripping time dissolved
My mind evolves links to the higher powers
I wander graveyards for entire hours
To contemplate death and admire flowers,
Not far away, a funeral pyre towers,
Drawn, I see it stacked with stiffened ideas
Set aflame by the spark from the friction of fears
Can this vision be clear? Red unearthly dirt
Burnt clouds, ashen rain, each breath not worth the hurt
When my spirit starts to starve, I taste that sky
So I lay my body on the pyre and hateless, wait to die. 

Pray for peace 
Pray with peace
Love with peace
Love for peace
Live for peace
Live with peace
Act for peace
Act with peace