Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

02 Get Up With Us (prod. Diggahertz)

Tip toe tip toe, what cr-cr-crept up?
Get mo' get mo', keep you kept up
Let go let go, drink the neck up
Disco disco, slide your step up
Stop, drop, and roll when the times are tough
If you're down for more, get up with us, 
Stop, drop, and roll when the times are tough,
If you're down for more, then get up with us. 

Welcome to the vortex, your cortex gets whore sexed
By quartets of gorgeous distractions dressed in corsets
Corvettes or cordless, devices, vice amorphous
Corporate training for the taming of endorphins
Of course tends, to coarsen, compassion for the fortunes
Of poor men, so stormin' Bastille, less important
Ignore them, divorce trends of wealth rise to the Forbes' friends
From portents of poverty cavorting on your doorstep
future's been mortgaged, so worship Suzie Orman
Hell sell an organ, second kidney's an adornment
Instead deporting JP Morgan, border fights now forming
Outlaw abortion, but don't think about the orphans
Coal chemicals are pouring, atmosphere's absorbing
chlorofluorocarbons, deny global warming
Spook drones are swarming, NSA storing
Data that's foraged, with pretexts of thwarting
Terrorists on foreign, soil, FISA courts lend
Cover to distortions, blow the whistle, you're trai-TOR then
Elections? Rich do-NORS spend, millions and more meant
To fatten DC warchests, and scuttle the reforms sent
Folks in lower orbits, get Dunn like Davis Jordan
Morbid how our mores bend, no justice, but no boredom
On mission like the Mormons, to light the fuse or shorten
Damn I need some bourbon, Kentucky and New Orleans

The stress thick, I'm desperate, to distract, and get lit
Tempted, but then quick, my head's hit, with message
Fuck that, buck back, squeeze on lady luck´s ass
And funk dance to drum tracks…Do you hear the drummer?
My folks doing great shit, either sinking slave ships
Or making bass kick, taking toughest cases
Getting foreign aid moved,  diversify the state school,
Start businesses now stable, social work the angles
If it ain´t you, then thank you, homey, drive a tank through
The walls now between us, you should join our ranks, too
Lead us with your life, teach us with your strife
Then fall back and learn, now…Do you hear the drummer?
This is what we climb for, not seeking any high scores
Hinged a little different, souls with suicide doors
Driven to exhaustion, throwing wind to caution
Inspired by the awesome...Hell, yes, we hear the drummer!

Do-gooding rabble, get up with us
Drum fetish beat freaks, get up with us
Tie guys and suit gals, get up with us
Liquid-sight artists, get up with us
Mis queridas compañeras, se levantan with us
Hungry howling mic fiends, get up with us
Faithful daily grinders, get up with us
People large and small, get up with us
My manager Mo, he's down with us