Kevin De Liban

#legallyricist #plungeintosunshine

01 Plunge Into Sunshine (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

I try to fast forward life to get to the best parts
They say the soul's immortal, my doubt is where the death starts
Lungs gasp and eyes water, in iced airs, the fire's hotter
My own smoke made ashes of the choked hopes of my father
We scattered him in the ocean, I bury the tougher truth
That the good die young and I'm already past my youth
Arisen from that grave, an arthritic spirit thaws
Each risk a deeper stretch, now limber, I leap their laws
When I run, you can't catch me, when I hide, you won't see 
When I fly, you will find wings where arms used to be
I'm the mutation in the species, evolving the human form
Incubated in the blind eye of an apocalyptic storm
Trees topple in destruction, bushes burn by their side
Oil floods oceans, bodies rise with the tide
Houses underwater, teeth sharpen into fangs,
Devouring to our death just to stop the hunger pains, 
This madness is so normal I adapted an insanity
I run with the gazelles to escape the lion's vanity
Hunted by my pride, I betray the sacred bond
And walk with the weak to pray the hatred gone
We're an animal kingdom, I declare my independence,
And unite with other states of being, so what I'm seeing
Is a procession of prophets, no penance for irreverence, 
Just disfigured limbs, singing hymns to the heavens
I can't join them yet, my scabs aren't turned to scars 
Anybody who grows feathers has to earn their tar
But I'm still golden, may the years make me dirty
Intrigued by being great, but inspired by being worthy.