Kevin De Liban




"You rap?" The suit-and-tie standard conceals a ferocious lyricist steeped in the tradition of superior MC'ing, surprising all listeners with heartfelt stories, incisive politics, reflective meditation, and good old smack-a-rapper slick-talk.  Nobody expects this from someone dressed for the courtroom. Then again, upsetting expectations is one of Kevin De Liban's (duh-lee-bon) favorite hobbies. Groomed by the San Francisco Bay Area and called to work as a civil legal aid lawyer in service to others, De Liban found a second home in Memphis and recorded his inspired wanderings as the thoughtful vagabond crossing borders, languages, cultures, and professions in the grand walk of life. The meanderings have lent him an accent, a style, and a demeanor that keeps people puzzling to place him. "Where are you from?", they ask. "A place I don't belong." 

PURCHASE Kevin’s new Doom Is Nigh EP (available here and on all digital outlets. Here’s Thousand Dollar Boots, the first single.

Here are a sampling of tracks from Kevin’s 2015 debut album, Plunge Into Sunshine.