Kevin De Liban



It's no time to be timid when Doom Is Nigh. With this first installment in his new Sick Sighted series, Legal Lyricist Kevin De Liban runs headlong into bold confrontation with the gathering darkness through six songs of righteous fury. The single Thousand Dollar Boots is available below.

Check out some of the tracks from Kevin’s 2015 debut album, Plunge Into Sunshine.

PLATANO PAPAYA: Sonically experience the vibrance of Bolivia (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

FFFF is a quirky Star Wars-inspired tale of Jedi, Sith, and lightsabers. What more do you need? (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)

READY FOR LOVE narrates the near-misses of modern love, released in time for that nameless holiday (prod. Ponce Beyond)


DRUNKEN RAINBOWS: For those days when promise appears where there was none before (prod. DiggaHertz)

TORTOISE AND THE HAIR: A tale of love, longing, family, and not understanding why it doesn't all come together  (prod. Diggahertz)

EARTH HURTS SOMETIMES: An electro-odyssey through magical, dark journeys of a wandering spirit (prod. Ponce Beyond)

A PRAYER FROM SULFURED LIPS: Old Testament braggadocio at its fieriest (prod. Hotep Slowsteps)