Kevin De Liban



EXPERIENCE the video for Thousand Dollar Boots, the single off of Kevin’s newly released Doom Is Nigh EP. Slip your feet into a soft pair of Thousand Dollar Boots for a satirical frolic through the playgrounds of the rich (don't forget an artisan-baked doggy snack for Fluffy). One part hidden guilt, one part naked greed, Legal Lyricist Kevin De Liban puts the whole of privilege on blast in this provocative video filmed by 35 Miles. Track produced by C MaJor.

Kevin’s last rap blew up with over 13,000 views on Twitter! The Legal Lyricist did what he does best—take real life injustice and turn it into music. Watch the magic, as Kevin spits about Medicaid over Notorious BIG’s classic Ten Crack Commandments (produced by the legendary DJ Premier).

Here’s Kevin debut music video from his 2015 album, Plunge Into Sunshine.

Welcome. Enter my music. Join my journey. Filmed and edited by Isaiah "Iconick" Conyers. Track produced by Hotep Slowsteps and recorded and mixed by IMAKEMADBEATS in Dirty Socks Studio, Memphis, TN.


Go BEHIND THE SCENES into the making of various songs off of "PLUNGE INTO SUNSHINE"

Hear how this musical journey to outer space was filled with tickling, crazy visions, laughter, and assorted Wu Tang quotes. Song produced by Ponce Beyond. Behind the scenes video shot by @blk75art. Full album available at and all fine digital retailers

Axl Rose, Louis Armstrong, and Ol' Dirty Bastard in one voice? Hear the hilarity of making "Drunken Rainbows." Filmed and edited by DJ Waht (@blk75art). Full song at or

Hear more about the ethereal exploration of an imagined devil's prayer, filmed in Dirty Socks Studio by DJ Waht (blk75art, blk75). Plunge Into Sunshine drops 3.20.15.

Enter Dirty Socks Studio to see how the ode to Bolivia, "Platano Papaya," was created, complete with inspiration from streetside fruit vendors. Filmed and edited by DJ Waht (@blk75art) Full song at or

Trailer Videos for Plunge Into Sunshine. On 03.20.15, take the plunge....